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Publications, abstracts and presentations


1. Gudipati M, Pearce K, Prakash A, et al. (2013) The sperm donor programme over 11 years at Newcastle Fertility Centre. Human Fertility, 16(4), 258-265.

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ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, (2011)

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Published and refereed abstracts

1. Gudipati M, Stewart J, Prakash A. (2011) Can AMH be used to improve the efficiency of the  limited resources in assisted conception? 9th International RCOG Meeting, Athens, Greece.

2. Gudipati M, Redhead G, Hemingway V, McEleny K, Prakash A, Stewart J. (2011). How has the disclosure of donor information act affected the donor programme at a tertiary care fertility centre in the UK? 27TH Annual meeting of ESHRE, Stockholm, Sweden.

 of women with endometriumLi T C, Ledger W L. (2005). A comparative analysis of expression of Beta A subunit of inhibin/ activins molecule in the 

3. Prakash A, history of recurrent miscarriage and a healthy control group. The 6th international RCOG meeting, Cairo, Egypt.

4. Amer S A K, Laird S, Prakash A, Li T C, Ledger WL. (2005). Effect of laparoscopic ovarian diathermy on circulating inhibin B in women with anovulatory polycystic ovarian syndrome: a possible new mechanism. 21st Annual meeting of ESHRE, Copenhagen, Denmark.

5. Ledger W L, Prakash A. (2004) Endocrinology of normal menstrual cycle. Abstract for RCOG meeting, Chronic Anovulation. 

6. Tuckerman E, Laird S, Li T C,Ledger W L. (2004) Activin A and Prakash A, Inhibin A: Correlation of pregnancy outcome in recurrent miscarriage. P-446. ESHRE(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology),  Berlin, Germany.

7. Cutting R, Lashen H. (2003) Superovulation and Intrauterine insemination for unexplained infertility: The role of Prakash A, gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist stimulation test (GAST). ThP33. XVII FIGO World Congress, Santiago, Chile.


1. Annual association of clinical embryologists (ACE) meeting. (Invited lecture), Sheffield 2014. Title: Optimising Embryo Transfer. 

2. Subfertility and Assisted Conception RCOG Course, London 2012, London 2013. (Annually invited lecture) Title: Female work up.

3. Reproductive medicine 2010, London 2010. (Invited lecture) Title: Ovarian Hyperstimulation and other complications following IVF.

4. Blair Bell Memorial Lectureship 2009, RCOG, London, April 2009. Title: Feto-maternal dialogue in very early pregnancy: A possible role of Inhibin- A and Activin-A in early pregnancy failure. 

5. Trent SpR Presentation skills day, Sheffield, January 2007. First Prize.Title: Endocrinological profile of women with recurrent miscarriage and heparin therapy.

6. Rachael Morrison Lecture, TENS society meeting, Chepstow, October 2006.Title: A study comparing the endometrial expression of inhibin, activin and follistatin in women with a history of implantation failure after IVF treatment and a control group.

in reproductive medicine: ultrasound

7. Advanced hands-on workshop, Sheffield, May 2005. Title: Implantation: ultrasound and clinical aspects.

8. Endocrinology and Reproductive Theme Endocrine Workshop, Sheffield, April 2005. Title: Endocrinology of early pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage.

9. All India ART Congress, Khajuraho, India, November 2004. Title: Doppler ultrasonography in assessing luteal function in patients with recurrent miscarriage.

10. Trent region training day, Sheffield, October 2004. Title: Role of perifollicular/ endometrial Doppler in assessment of women with recurrent pregnancy loss.

11. The Trent Region SPR presentation day.  Sheffield, 23 January 2004. Title: Ethics in Reproductive Medicine. Received second prize.

12. The Blaire Bell Research Competition meeting 4-5 December 2003, London. Title: Inhibin-A as a predictor of pregnancy outcome in patients with recurrent miscarriage.    

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